Eveningside Vineyards
4794 Lower Mountain Rd • Cambria NY 14094 • (716) 867-2415
May–October: Open daily, Noon - 6pm. November–April: Saturday & Sunday, Noon - 6pm.
Limos and buses not accepted after 4pm.

Eveningside Vineyards Personalized Labels

You can now personalize your own bottles of Eveningside’s wine by creating a private label!

Create a private label for :
• Your friends, family or you!
• Weddings
• Company or organization logos
• Any event!

We will have your label silk screened onto the wine bottle. We can also screen a photograph onto the wine bottle. (You may also inquire about other of your favorite Eveningside wines that may be available for Private Labeling)

Contact Randy for details, 716-867-2415 or rbiehl@eveningside.com


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4794 Lower Mountain Rd • Cambria NY 14094 • (716) 867-2415