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Eveningside Vineyards News and Industry Reviews

• Eveningside Vineyards: Created Out of Passion, Driven by a Lifestyle

Biehl in his tasting room Posted From the New York Cork Report, September 10, 2013, by Michael Chelus

Passion. Love. Family. Friends. Lifestyle. These five elements drive the wine philosophy of Eveningside Vineyards in Cambria, New York. Run by Randy Biehl and his wife, Karen, Eveningside Vineyards was founded in the Niagara Region in 2000. This simple philosophy governs how the Biehls approach wine making — and their lives — and it’s one that has enabled the Biehls to own and operate one of the most successful wineries in the Niagara Region for over a decade.

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Eveningside Vineyards opens a new winemaking facility

Cambria (Niagara County), NY – Eveningside Vineyards announces the opening of its new 2700 square foot wine making facility at 4788 Lower Mountain Rd.

Eveningside Vineyards was established in 2003 as the third winery to open for retail business on the Niagara Wine Trail. The Tasting Room for the winery is directly next door at 4794 Lower Mountain Road and previously served as the winemaking facility until the opening of the new facility.

The Tasting Room is a converted barn that quaintly serves as the winery’s tasting room and retail store for its fine wines and accessories. In keeping with the look of a barn, the new winemaking facility displays similar architectural styles both inside and out. The building functions as a state of the art wine making facility with a temperature and humidity controlled barrel room, a laboratory for monitoring winemaking processes, a bottling room, a tank room with refrigeration, and a covered crush pad.

Eveningside Vineyards focuses on European wines and are well regarded for their Riesling, Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc.

• Local Wines: Real progess in Niagara County
By Mark Criden, Buffalo Spree

"Ten years ago, on a trip to the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, winemaker Randy Biehl stopped at an overlook to look at the U.S. side, and wondered why a wine industry, let alone a winery, does not exist in Niagara County. Today, thanks to Mike Von Heckler’s Warm Lake Estates, Biehl’s Eveningside Vineyards, and others, that industry not only exists in Niagara County, it flourishes. I reported on several good offerings in the December 2007 Spree, and this summer decided to check on the progress of the Niagara Wine Trail, that nascent tourist enterprise that hugs Lower Mountain Road between the Tuscarora Reservation and Lockport and sprouts again along Route 18 between Wilson and Barker. I was especially interested in Eveningside, and two others about which I had heard promising reports: Freedom Run and Arrowhead Spring.

Somehow, wine-lover Biehl convinced his wife and kids to move from West Seneca to start Eveningside in 2000 on a Cambria farm. With help from consultants from Ontario’s Cave Spring, they planted vines in 2001 and had their first harvest in 2003. Like most enterprises here, Eveningside is a rustic, family-driven business, but its wines—fueled by a commitment to quality—can go toe to toe with anything being produced in New York and Ontario. Biehl’s sure hand is evident in his black, smoky 2007 Shiraz ($21), made from Long Island grapes, but my real interest is in the wines produced from the Eveningside vineyard. A nice, mandarin-orangey unoaked 2007 Chardonnay ($14) was bested only by the 2007 Reserve Chardonnay ($17), all honeydew and lime with a long, fine finish.

Biehl’s 2006 Cabernet Franc ($20) was much better than the last iteration I tasted, supple, long, and positively delicious, but the star was his 2008 Riesling ($18). Crisp with apricots and nectarines, this exquisite wine is highly recommended . . ."
September, 2009

• A Cab Franc Lover's Guide to Niagara USA Wines
By Bryan Calandrelli, Niagara Contributor

"Whether you are a wine geek who can differentiate the sub-appellations of the Loire Valley or just a happy-go-lucky daytripper winding along a New York State wine trail, you've probably experienced cabernet franc.
Long Island got me hooked some years back and I know I'm not the only one who marches up to tasting bars and skips ahead to this variety. Luckily for me, the Niagara USA region is starting to realize the potential of cab franc too as its young vines begin to produce. And, if you're a cab franc lover planning a visit to the area this season, good examples can be found at several Niagara wineries.
Of the 12 active wineries here, about half of them have released varietal bottlings of cab franc. Of course, because some of these wineries don't have producing vineyards at the moment, you don't find many estate bottles -- but they're out there. . .
. . . Then there's Eveningside Vineyards, the Biehl family's micro-winery in Cambria, NY. I've been a fan since the winery opened four years ago. Owner Randy Biehl's 2006 cab franc is his first released from estate vines and it shows great promise for the grape in this region.
In a style that mimics Ontario's, it's dark in the glass with jaw-dropping aromas of blackberry, cherry, black pepper and anise. Its lively acidity dances on the tongue while begging for game, grilled pork or red meats. The finish is its weakest link as it doesn't linger for too long, but in no way does it subdue my excitement for this wine. Indeed, Eveningside is a must-try for any cab franc enthusiast.
Overall, the release of the hot 2007 vintage of cab francs here should begin to reveal the grape's potential on Niagara terroir. If they start showing as they do in Ontario, their style will fall in between the bright style of the Finger Lakes wines and the bigger bodied Long Island Cab Francs, providing a happy middle ground for my palate."
May 30, 2008

• Toronto Wine Writer Tony Aspier writes:

"Eveningside Chardonnay Reserve: medium straw colour; smoky, toasty nose with tropical fruit notes; full on the palate with ripe pineapple and spicy orange flavours, lively acidic finish. A very tasty Chardonnay."

• Except from Buffalo Spree November 2007
Liquid treasure from the Niagara Escarpment, By Mark Criden

..."Last, but highest up on the quality scale, is the ambitious Eveningside Vineyards (http://www.eveningside.com/), a seven-year-old operation run by wine enthusiast Randy Biehl. Biehl planted his first grapes in 2001 and harvested his first crop in 2003. It’s no wonder this is a first-class operation: Angelo Pavan of Cave Spring Cellars is consulting wine maker, and Cave Spring’s Kevin Latter provides vineyard guidance.

The 2006 Reserve Chardonnay ($16.95) is loaded with vanilla and apples, a complete, convincing cool-climate chardonnay. It wasn’t enough to overcome my skepticism for northeastern reds, but Eveningside’s 2004 Claret ($16.95), a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, boasted a long, plummy, and soft texture. Whether the fruit will outlast the strong tannins, though, is anybody’s guess.

But the real star at Eveningside—and of all of these wines—was their 2006 Riesling ($13.95), the greatest wine of any color I’ve tasted from Niagara County. Semidry, with notes of green apple, citrus, pear, and peach, this is one very fine wine, and one that met my highest standard: it was impossible to spit. Also tasted: 2006 Chardonnay Unoaked ($13.95)."

• "Eveningside Vineyards Chardonnay 2006
Niagara Escarpment, New York ($14)

Now there are a few things you should know about this winery. For one, I'm pretty sure that the owner, Randy Biehl, only has one acre of his own grapes on
site. Another thing you must know if that he trained on the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, Canada where grapes like Riesling, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Franc can thrive under the right vineyard manager and winemaker. The soils and climate of the Niagara Escarpment AVA are extremely similar and Randy's wines are just as good if not better than most I've tasted across the border. His extremely small-batch production gives him complete control over the quality of his wines and it shows.

This 2006 "naked" Chardonnay is a taste of heaven. Pale yellow in the glass, it offers generous aromas of apple, pineapple, and honey. The texture is dangerously delicate as it walks the line of a having crisp acidity and a suppleness that I found to be as attractive as any white wine I've had in recent memory. The finish is long and clean. My fiance and I were literally blown away by this wine. Let's face it Eveningside Winery, just as the Niagara Wine Trail, is very much in its youth, but if this wine is any indication of what's in store for the future, then I see a hell of a lot of naked wine drinking to come."



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